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Ports and Infrastructure Consultants Multibeam bathymetric survey of dredge boxes in Devonport pre and post maintenance dredging operations.  Naval port specified requirement of special order. Devonport
Marine rescue organisation Multibeam survey of Lifeboat berth pre dredging operations.  Amble
Chemical company Multibeam survey of outfall plume using water column data to assess the spread of particulates away from the outfall. Runswick bay North Yorkshire
Harbour Authority Multibeam bathymetric survey of the approaches to the port of Falmouth.  Covering an area approximately 6 miles long and 5 miles wide.  Provision of data to UKHO used for updating of the chart of the area. Falmouth, Cornwall
Marine rescue organisation Multibeam survey of Lifeboat berth pre and post dredging operations.  Calculation of achieved dredge volumes Weymouth
Harbour Authority Multibeam survey of wharfs in Cattedown Plymouth. Plymouth
Harbour Authority Multibeam survey of the navigable extent of estuary, including, berths, marinas, approaches and intertidal creeks.  Data provide for Harbour authority use and UKHO for update of charts of the area Dartmouth, Devon
Port and infrastructure company Multibeam survey of wharf to identify high spots for dredging operation. Plymouth
Harbour Authority Multibeam and single beam survey of the approaches to Bridgwater Harbour. Somerset
Marine Services Consultancy Single beam bathymetric survey undertaken to determine whether any changes in the seabed topography had occurred following the establishment of a new marina in the area. Bridgend
Harbour Authority Pre and post dredge bathymetric survey of Batson creek, Lincombe boat yard approaches and the Kingsbridge basin using Multibeam sonar. Salcombe – Kingsbridge Estuary
Chemical Company Bathymetry survey of the Wyre estuary to provide data for outfall modelling. Wyre Estuary
Natural England Bathymetric survey of seagrass beds within Plymouth Sound and Estuaries as part of a condition assessment of the SAC Plymouth
Dredging Co Bathymetric surveys and sediment plume monitoring as part of a re-development project. Plymouth
Yorkshire Water Bathymetric survey of the river bed close to a pumping station inlet and a weir. River Wharfe
Consultant Bathymetric survey of the river upstream of a weir prior to its demolition as part of an impact assessment River Aire
Pharmaceutical company Bathymetric survey of the seabed in the vicinity of an effluent pipeline Severn