Intrusive Investigations using the Geoprobe

The geoprobe is mounted on a small self-propelled tracked vehicle making the system highly mobile, capable of sampling in most terrains down to a depth of 25 meters. It can sample groundwater, soil and soil-gas in all granular and cohesive soils and will penetrate tarmac and concrete with ease.

The main advantages of geoprobe sampling include:

  • Rapid deployment and sampling times.
  • Minimal physical and chemical disturbance of the sample giving a high degree of sample integrity and excellent data quality.
  • Containment of soil samples within a clear liner enabling areas of contamination to be recorded visually.
  • Minimal disruption of surfaces as the small 50 mm hole produces little spoil and can easily be backfilled.
  • Only 10% of the volume of a traditional borehole needs to be purged on each sampling occasion.



The Geoprobe is the ideal tool for:

  • Initial rapid investigations and screens.
  • Installation of monitoring wells up to 15m.
  • Groundwater monitoring and profiling.
  • Contaminant plume mapping.
  • Determining the optimum location for permanent monitoring wells.
  • Sampling in areas containing significant amounts of underground debris.
  • Sampling inside warehouses, production builds and other confined spaces.

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