About us

Ecospan Environmental Ltd provides a highly motivated multi-disciplinary team to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions to the environmental issues faced by businesses today. This is achieved through rigorous scientific design and extensive practical experience of working with industry, developers and regulators over many years.

Ecospan Environmental Ltd was formed as a result of a management buy-out of Brixham Environmental Laboratory’s Field Survey business which was originally established to provide environmental support to ICI manufacturing businesses, hence the broad range of specialist knowledge and equipment held by the company.

Since forming, the company has invested heavily in further equipment and skills training to incorporate new services and expand existing services to accommodate clients from other sectors such as port and harbour developers, dredging companies, local authorities, harbour authorities, water utilities, oil companies as well as the regulators themselves including Natural England and the Environment Agency. Ecospan also continues to work throughout the manufacturing sector in the UK providing a wide range of services from Direct Toxicity Testing to spill response and ecological impact assessments.