Hydrographic Surveys (ADCP, Currents and Waves)

We offer a wide variety of oceanographic and hydrographic surveys including: multibeam bathymetry, tidal currents and waves, and the monitoring of water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity and temperature.

Tides and currents are routinely measured throughout the water column using our Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) and/or recording current meters. The instruments can be deployed from the boat (where tidal flow can be determined over a large area using the bottom tracking function on the ADCP) or can be deployed on the seabed for extended periods. When deployed statically, the height, frequency and direction of waves can also be determined concurrently using Waves Array software. Other related techniques such as drogue tracking or dye dispersion studies can also be utilised for specific applications such as outfalls and plume monitoring.

Measurement of water column parameters such as turbidity, salinity, conductivity temperature and dissolved oxygen are often required for the monitoring of plumes or contaminants and are usually undertaken in situ using a multi-parameter meter. Where discrete samples are required, we have a number of water sampling devices and autosamplers that can be deployed where necessary.


• Support of planning applications for coastal development
• Baseline data and verification for use in hydrodynamic modelling
Water quality monitoring in support of dredging projects
• Predicting the dispersal of contaminants from outfalls
• Plume monitoring


• Teledyne RDI 600 Workhorse Acoustic Doppler Current Meter (ADCP) inc. Waves Array
• Range of Valeport current meters
• Hemisphere vector Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS
• Electro-magnetic flow meters for turbulence studies
• Range of drogues and mini-drogues (for very shallow water)
• Tide gauge
• Multi-parameter meters
• Weather station

Recent Projects