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Harbour Authority Environmental monitoring and ecological impact assessment of sensitive habitats and species in the Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary. This multi-disciplinary project included modelling the sediment plumes, contaminant analysis and pre and post dredge monitoring. Survey methods used included diving on the seagrass beds and sensitive habitats, ADCP, drogue tracking and turbidity monitoring. Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary
Ports and Infrastructure Consultants IHO special order multibeam bathymetric survey for QHM of the Naval dredge boxes in Devonport for routine monitoring pre dredging. Devonport
District Council Environmental monitoring and ecological impact assessment of sensitive habitats in support of their water injection dredging activities. Assessment of tidal flows and bathymetric surveys to determine accumulation and movement of dredge materials. Ramsgate
Dredging contractor Ecological monitoring of a dredging project. This included monitoring the extent and magnitude of the turbidity plume and monitoring its effects on protected species. Specifically this addressed the stalked jellyfish (UK BAP species) and required periodic assessments of the stalked jellyfish populations in littoral pools close to the dredging site and at a reference area. Sampling of sediment to depths of three meters for contamination assessment. Penzance
Marine Services Consultancy Multibeam bathymetric survey undertaken to determine whether any changes in the seabed topography had occurred following the establishment of a new marina in the area. Bridgend
MoD Intertidal and subtidal habitat assessment to establish a baseline from which the potential impacts from a proposed MoD landing craft co-location project were determined.  The proposed development site was located adjacent to a SPA and within Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC, and also had the potential to affect a number of BAP priority habitats and species. Tamar Estuary
Consultancy As part of the assessment of a proposed coastal defence scheme, a hydrodynamic and water quality model was built to predict the effects of the construction of a submerged breakwater and nourishment of a beach area. The model was used to simulate the movement and dispersion of sediments both during and after construction, and also to predict the effects of uncontrolled pollutant releases following the proposed works. Marsalform Bay, Malta
Harbour authority Pre and post dredging surveys of the inner outer harbour and approach channels. Collection of Acoustic Doppler Current Profile (ACDP) data and modelling in support of dredging operations. Ramsgate Harbour
Harbour Authority Pre-dredge bathymetric survey of Batson creek, Lincombe boat yard approaches and the Kingsbridge basin using Multibeam sonar. Salcombe – Kingsbridge Estuary
Harbour Authority Pre-dredge Bathymetric survey for the Dartmouth Harbour Authority Dartmouth
Consultants and Harbour authorities. Vibrocoring of seabed sediments for contaminant analysis in support of a marine license for dredging. At numerous locations including: Belfast, Yarmouth, Norfolk, Newhaven, Sussex, Fleetwood, and Lancashire.
Developer Provision of an Environmental Statement in respect of a proposed coastal hotel development which satisfied the requirements for an EIA under Schedule II of the Town and Country Planning (EIA) Regulations 2011. North Devon
Developer Intertidal habitat mapping and ecological assessment to determine the potential impacts of a development proposal on sensitive and protected habitats and species. The potential impact of both the construction and operational phases upon the SAC, SPA and UK BAP Priority habitats/species was determined.  Recommendations were made for mitigation. Drake’s Island, Plymouth Sound
Natural England Bathymetric survey of seagrass beds within Plymouth Sound and Estuaries as part of a condition assessment of the SAC. Plymouth
Pharmaceutical Company Initial dilution and dye dispersion study on a shallow tidal discharge. Morecambe Bay
Dredging Co Bathymetric surveys and sediment plume monitoring as part of a re-development project. Plymouth
NERC – Plymouth Marine Laboratory Moving current profiling with an ADCP alongside monitoring conductivity, temperature, DO & depth profiles along a 10Km section of the Tamar Estuary. Tamar
Dredging company Prediction of sediment deposition resulting from dredging in the Salcombe-Kingsbridge estuary. Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary
Architect Marine and terrestrial ecological impact assessment to accompany a planning application for the construction of boathouses. Kingsbridge
Architect Phase I Intertidal Survey for the proposed construction of a jetty required as part of an application for a Marine Licence under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. Dartmouth
Agrochemical Company Collection of intertidal and subtidal sediments and estuarine waters using a hovercraft and work vessel for the assessment of contaminants. Firth of Forth
Consultant Sediment sampling for contaminants to 3 m to CEFAS specifications using a vibrocorer in support of a dredging project. Penzance
Dredging Company Monitoring of water quality (turbidity and dissolved oxygen) during maerl translocation trials in Falmouth Falmouth
Marina Consultants Vibrocoring of seabed sediments to 2m for contaminant analysis in support of a marine licence for dredging. Portsmouth Harbour and Southampton Water
Dredging Company Pre and post dredge bathymetric survey and turbidity monitoring of dredging operations. Plymouth
Harbour Authority Pre dredging sediment sampling using the vibrocore for sediment contamination assessment. Dartmouth
Consultant Bathymetric survey and sediment core sampling for contamination analysis prior to removal of a weir. River Aire
Harbour authority Vibrocoring of seabed sediments to 3m in support of a marine licence for dredging. King point marina Plymouth
Harbour authority Multibeam survey of wharves in support of dredging operations Cattedown Harbour
Dredging company Sediment contaminant sampling in support of marine licence for dredging Wellington dock Dover
Consultant Marine sediment sampling for contaminant analysis in support of marine licence for dredging Swan land pier Greenwich
Consultant Vibrocoring of marine sediment for contaminant analysis in support of marine licence for dredging Dagenham Jetty
Developer Multi-disciplinary survey comprising marine ecological surveys including fish, benthic macrofauna, and harbour wall fouling surveys. The survey also included seabed and water contaminant sampling and analysis. Waterloo dock in Liverpool
Consultant Vibracore sampling of marine sediment to 2m below sediment surface in support of a dredging project. Coryton Jetty
Marina Suspended sediment and turbidity monitoring during water injection dredging works in the upper estuary. Assessing potential ecological impacts within the wider estuary. Exe estuary
Consultants Marine sediment grab sampling for contaminants in support of dredging campaign. Eastbourne Sovereign marina
City council Ecological survey investigating habitat restoration and recovery after removal of a quay Langstone harbour
Harbour authority Current profiling using ADCP for validation of harbour current model. Dover harbour
City council Marine ecological impact investigations including migratory fish surveys, benthic ecology, intertidal habitat mapping, seagrass recording, and intertidal mudflat and macroalgae monitoring. Portsmouth harbour
City council Hydrographic and bathymetric investigations including current profiling, conductivity temperature and depth monitoring (CTD), turbidity monitoring, wave height recording, and multi-beam sonar seabed mapping. Portsmouth harbour
Dredging contractor Seabed sediment sampling for contaminants within naval dock basins. HMNB Portsmouth
Consultant Vibrocoring sampling and multibeam surveys in support of dredging operations in RNLI lifeboat pens. Amble RNLI
Harbour authority Multibeam sonar survey in support of harbour dredging campaign. Dart harbour
Consultant Seabed vibrocoring and surface sediment sampling of naval docks and basins and surrounding areas. HMNB Devonport
Developer Marine ecological impact appraisal and sediment contaminant analysis in support of pier redevelopment Deptford haven
Isle of Man government Vibrocoring to 3m and particle size analysis Peel harbour, Isle of Man
Consultant Contaminant sampling using Vibrocoring to 2m and sediment surface grabbing in support of a marine dredging licence. Cowes and Kingston, Isle of Wight