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Property Developer Design and execution of surveys within the dock to characterise the existing lagoon-like habitats and communities and provide baseline data on fish populations present.  Reported on findings to inform the EIA process and subsequently wrote the Marine Ecology ES chapter. Waterloo Dock, Liverpool
Portsmouth City Council Marine ecological surveys to inform an EcIA required as part of a large scale redevelopment within Portsmouth Harbour. Methods included phase I and II intertidal habitat surveys, opportunistic macroalgae extent and density surveys, intertidal and subtidal seagrass extent and density, as well as fish surveys. Portsmouth, Hampshire
Natural England Baseline surveys to monitor and assess the extent and condition of the designated littoral habitats (rock and sediment) within Upper Fowey and Pont Pill MCZ.  Incorporated data collected by the Environment Agency for WFD purposes and reported findings to inform future condition assessment. Fowey Estuary, Cornwall
Portsmouth City Council Intertidal and subtidal surveys to inform the Southsea Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Scheme EIA, requiring the application of a number of survey and data analysis methods including Phase I and Phase II, drop down video and backscatter data analysis.  Wrote the Marine Ecology ES chapter. Southsea, Hampshire
Natural England Undertook surveys in order to monitor and assess the extent and condition of the littoral and rock and littoral sediment communities which are sub-features of the Plymouth Sound and Estuaries Special Area of Conservation [SAC]. Reported results, made temporal statistical comparisons where possible, and made recommendations for condition assessment. Plymouth, Devon
Portsmouth City Council Design and execution of surveys to assess the progress of an intertidal habitat creation project. Quantitatively compared intertidal communities within the footprint of a former quay with those typically found in the wider harbour, and reported the findings. Langstone Harbour, Hampshire
Engineering and professional services consultancy Marine ecological surveys (macrofauna, macroalgae and habitat mapping) within a marine protected area to inform an assessment of the potential impacts of redeveloping a power station.  Carried out a desk based review of the fish populations within the study area to augment field data. Fawley, Hampshire
Salmon Farming Company Macrofauna analysis of benthic samples from multiple aquaculture sites to conform with statutory monitoring requirements. West Coast of Scotland
Natural England Analysis of drop down video and stills data (that was collected by the Environment Agency) from the Lyme Bay and Torbay Site of Community Importance [SCI]. The objective of the project was to add to the information available on the extent, distribution and community composition of the ‘reef’ feature within the SCI. South Devon-Dorset coast
Architect Preliminary ecological appraisal of intertidal and subtidal habitats in support of a feasibility study for the redevelopment of a disused pier in Deptford. Thames, Central London
Environmental Consultancy Preliminary ecological appraisal of subtidal epi-benthos within an MCZ using diving methods. The survey was required to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed re-opening of a coastal quarry. Cornwall
Environmental Consultancy Baseline sub-tidal diving survey of the epi-benthos in the vicinity of a proposed effluent pipeline on the Flyde coast. Lancashire
Natural England Towed video methods were used to obtain standardised biological information from the seagrass beds within the Fal and Helford SAC for the purpose of condition monitoring of the seagrass sub-feature. Cornwall
Paper manufacturer Impact assessment of a paper mill effluent on the inter-tidal area in the vicinity of the outfall pipeline, Cumbria
Natural England Water Framework Directive Tees inter-tidal project. Determination of the extent and composition of opportunistic macroalgae and the sediment dwelling macrofauna on Teeside. Tees
Industrial Consortium Inter-tidal benthic surveys in the Wyre Estuary including macrofauna, saltmarsh and chemical sampling to monitor the environmental effects of multiple aqueous discharges on the receiving environment.  Carried out biennially since 1979.  Wyre Estuary
Natural England Solway Firth SAC rocky scar ground community condition monitoring which is required under the EU Habitats Directive. Solway
Mining Company Long term monitoring (which began in 1970) requiring both diving and benthic grab surveys to assess the sediment dwelling macrobenthos and sediment metals in the vicinity of a mine discharge.  Results are used to determine the nature and extent of impacts. Cleveland
Salmon Farming Company Analysis of benthic macrofauna samples to determine the compliance of aquaculture sites with the SEPA discharge license. West Coast of Scotland
Energy Company Extended Phase I terrestrial habitat assessment required to fulfil
planning requirements for the proposed construction of acoustic containerised gensets.
Mining Company Investigation into the potential accumulation of heavy metals in biota in the vicinity of a coastal mine discharge. Cleveland
Natural England SAC Condition Monitoring and rMCZ verification surveys and assessments of the littoral mudflats and sandflats. Alde Ore and Butley Estuaries, Suffolk
Oil Refinery Ecological assessment of the saltmarsh, saltmarsh creeks and inter-tidal mudflats in the vicinity of a refinery outfall. Southampton water
Fibres Company Annual freshwater biological and chemical water quality assessment of a watercourse that is intended to monitor the impact of surface water discharges and to provide a baseline of data in the event of an accidental spillage. Gloucester
Pharmaceutical Company Long-term ecological monitoring (which began in 1965) of the littoral habitats and communities in the vicinity of the effluent outfall and in the wider estuary.  Studies include surveys of saltmarsh floral communities, intertidal mudflat macrofauna, rocky shore communities and barnacle populations.  The aim of the monitoring is to identify any trends in the data and to provide an ecological baseline against which the potential impact of the discharge can be assessed for the purposes of the PPC and COMAH regulations. Severnside, Severn estuary
Natural England rMCZ verification surveys of littoral rock and littoral sediment habitats within:  Torbay rMCZ, Newquay and the Gannel rMCZ, Land’s End rMCZ, Mounts Bay rMCZ, The Manacles rMCZ, the Axe, Otter, Erme, Dart, Devon Avon, Camel, Taw and Torridge estuaries rMCZ’s. Cornwall, North and South Devon.
Natural England Survey of the Stubborn and Ferrier Sands cockle bed communities which are key attributes of the littoral flats interest feature of The Wash and North Norfolk Coast SAC. The Wash, Norfolk
Natural England SAC Condition Monitoring and rMCZ verification survey and assessment of rocky scars within the Solway Firth SAC and rMCZ. Solway Firth, Cumbria
Natural England Surveys of the seagrass beds in five areas of the north Norfolk coastline was undertaken in order to inform a risk assessment of commercial fishing activities in the North Norfolk Coast marine SAC.  The surveys were undertaken following the E.A’s standard methodology in support of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). North Norfolk coastline
Natural England Condition Monitoring of the littoral mudflats and sandflats feature of the Severn Estuary SAC and SPA. Severn Estuary
Natural England Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC Seagrass Condition Monitoring (including drop-down/towed video survey methods). Plymouth Sound, Devon
Natural England Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC kelp forest Condition.  Diving survey to assess the abundance and species composition of the kelp forest sub-feature including an assessment of the red algae understorey. Plymouth Sound, Devon
Natural England Fal and Helford Marine Sites Condition Monitoring – Biotope mapping and subsequent condition assessment of the Fal and Helford Marine Sites in accordance with Common Standards Monitoring. Fal and Helford      Estuary
Dredging Contractor Environmental Monitoring of Sensitive Habitats in the Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary Pre and Post Maintenance Dredging using diver and drop down video methods. Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary
Waste Company Ecological assessment of the impact of a landfill leachate discharge on inter-tidal mudflats (part of a cSPA, RAMSAR site and SSSI) Thames Estuary
Architect Phase I Intertidal Survey for proposed construction of a jetty required as  part  of  an  application  under  the  Food and Environment  Protection  Act 1985 (FEPA). Dartmouth
Waste Company Ecological assessment of the impact of a landfill leachate discharge on inter-tidal mudflats (part of a cSPA, RAMSAR site and SSSI). Thames Estuary
Pharmaceutical Company Subtidal and inter-tidal benthic surveys around the works discharge as part of the discharge consent.  Carried out biennially since 1993. Montrose
Environment Agency Assessment of the effects of algal mats on the underlying benthic fauna of the mudflats of a SPA and the implications for birds. Poole Harbour
Natural England Tamar-Tavy and St. Johns Lake SSSI Littoral Biotope Condition Monitoring – Biotope mapping and subsequent condition assessment of the Tamar-Tavy and St Johns’ Lake in accordance with Common Standards Monitoring. Tamar-Tavy   Estuary
Natural England Lynher SSSI Littoral Biotope Condition Monitoring – Biotope mapping and subsequent condition assessment of the Lynher SSSI in accordance with Common Standards Monitoring.. Lynher Estuary
FEEAP consortium Ecological monitoring and impact assessment of effluent discharges into the firth of Forth.  Forth Estuary Environmental Assessment Programme.  Carried out biennially. Firth of Forth
Consultant Ecological Environmental Impact assessment of dredging operations as part of a proposed waterside development. Falmouth
MoD Devonport Landing Craft Co-location Project intertidal and subtidal habitat mapping and baseline assessment. Devonport
Pharmaceutical Company Subtidal and inter-tidal benthic surveys around an aqueous discharge in support of IPPC consent to discharge in the vicinity of a European Marine Site.  Carried out annually since 1989. Morecambe Bay
Consultant Sub-tidal and inter-tidal ecological baseline survey (including diving methods) and determination of potential ecological impacts as part of the planning requirements for a commercial dockside redevelopment. Falmouth
Pharmaceutical Company Ecological and physico-chemical monitoring in the vicinity of a pharmaceutical manufacturing works discharge to determine environmental impact in accordance with Environmental Permitting regulations. Humber Estuary
Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Intertidal Biotope mapping in the Severn estuary using the hovercraft and RIB. Severn Estuary
Oil Refinery Impact assessment of the refinery’s major discharges on the surrounding sub-tidal and inter-tidal sediments, fauna and saltmarsh.  Carried out periodically since 2007. Southampton water
Chemical Company Ecological survey in a tributary of the River Tees and monitoring of recovery following a chemical spill. Teeside
Land Owner Great crested newt habitat assessment survey and possible migration route assessment. Devon
Chemical Company Ecological / toxicological investigation of the impact of a variable, buoyant effluent plume. Rhone (France)