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Manufacturing Company Phase II contaminated land assessment as part of the due diligence required with the change of ownership to obtain baseline contamination data for the site.  Drilling was undertaken to maximum depth of 10m using a small drilling rig the Comacchio Geo 205. Ivybridge, Devon
Land Owner Phase II contaminated land assessment of proposed development site following the identification of potential risk of land contamination by metals, PAHs, TPH, SOM and asbestos screen. Devon
Land Owner Phase II contaminated land assessment of proposed development site that was historically used as an orchard.  The Phase II intrusive sampling was targeted specifically to determine the presence of lead arsenate and/or copper (II) acetoarsenite that were historically used as orchard pesticides. Devon
Mining Company Assessment of soil arsenic levels post site ground work. Hemerdon, Devon
Developers/Land Owners Numerous Phase I contaminated land investigations (the investigation of potential contamination of soil and groundwater) have been carried out and are usually required to accompany planning applications. Southwest
Manufacturing Company Geoprobing to locate the extent of a chemical spill on an industrial site. Somerset
Mining Company Targeted phase II intrusive investigation in the footprint of the proposed plant to delineate the distribution of arsenic (As) and determine As bioavailability.  The findings were used to refine the conceptual model for the site. Hemerdon, Devon
AstraZeneca Installation of boreholes to 2m depth using the Geoprobe and routine sampling inside a petroleum hazard area. Avonmouth
Developer Intrusive Investigation into possible soil and groundwater contamination at historic fuel station location. North Cornwall
Developer Investigation into contamination from decommissioned fuel tanks using a Geoprobe and risk assessment using CLEA model. Devon
Mining company Phase I Contaminated Land Assessment at site historically mined for Tin and Tungsten which has been proposed for re-opening as a Tungsten mine. Hemerdon, Devon
Chemical company Sampling sediment and water from brine cavities that were over 300m deep. Teeside
Site landlord Installation and quarterly monitoring of boreholes on a disused landfill site and the monitoring of leachate levels in surface waters. South Devon
Solicitor Soil and groundwater sampling to determine levels of contamination around redundant fuel storage tanks on a garage forecourt. Plymouth
Consultant Sampling of a contaminant plume beneath a demolished chemical site to measure the efficacy of a soil remediation project. South Wales
Consultant Soil sampling inside disused production buildings using the Geoprobe. North Wales
Consultant Contaminated groundwater profiling using the Geoprobe on inter-tidal areas. Port Talbot
AstraZeneca Delineation of a contaminant plume around a redundant chemical plant. Teeside
AstraZeneca Geoprobe investigation of soil and groundwater around storage tanks/boiler plant. Collection of reference data for the Site Protection Monitoring report for an IPPC permit. Cheshire
Chemical Company Soil and groundwater sampling and analysis as part of a contaminated land remediation project. Manchester
AstraZeneca Geoprobe investigation in a construction area prior to building completion following the emergence of previous contamination. Macclesfield
Chemical Company Quarterly borehole and river sampling to monitor contaminant levels against the relevant Environmental Quality Standards. Manchester
Chemical Company Six monthly borehole sampling and analysis as part of an ongoing contaminant monitoring programme. Northeast
Consultant Detailed site investigation of soil and groundwater of an historically highly contaminated area prior to remediation. Manchester
Chemical Company Detailed investigation below chemical works and old waste areas prior to divestment of land to show due diligence. France
Consultant Assessment of the contamination of the sediments in a river in the proximity of a power station discharge prior to the removal of a weir. Leeds
Chemical Company Monitoring of groundwater contaminants by biennial borehole monitoring. Brantham
Industrial consortium Regular borehole and river sampling over an industrial site and historical landfill area. Huddersfield
AstraZeneca Geoprobe investigation inside a production building to determine the extent of an organic solvent plume. Avonmouth
AstraZeneca Routine borehole monitoring on Pharmaceutical site. Avonmouth
AstraZeneca Probing and groundwater sampling to define an effluent plume as part of the due diligence process regarding land liability. India
Chemical Company Tracking of a major effluent plume and monitoring of natural attenuation. Huddersfield
Consultant Manual collection of sediment cores using the Geoprobe system in a highly contaminated river running through a disused chemical site. Manchester