Recent Sediment and/or Water Sampling/Monitoring Projects

Ecospan Environmental




Consultants and a marine rescue organization. Vibrocoring of seabed sediments for contaminant analysis in support of a marine license for dredging. Belfast, Yarmouth, Norfolk, Newhaven, Sussex, Fleetwood, and Lancashire.
Agrochemical Company Collection of intertidal and subtidal sediments and estuarine waters using a hovercraft and work vessel for the assessment of contaminants.  Firth of Forth
Consultant Sediment sampling for contaminants to 3 m to CEFAS specifications using a vibrocorer in support of a dredging project. Penzance
Dredging Company Monitoring of water quality (turbidity and dissolved oxygen) during maerl translocation trials in Falmouth Falmouth
Marina Consultants Vibrocoring of seabed sediments to 2m for contaminant analysis in support of a marine license for dredging. Portsmouth Harbour and Southampton Water
Consultant Surface and bottom water sampling at potential intake and discharge points for a proposed biomass plant. Samples were taken hourly over 12 hour tidal cycles. Swale estuary
Oil company Marine anoxic sediment collection using the vibrocore for application within research projects Salcombe
Dredging Company Pre and post dredge water and sediment monitoring and sampling. Plymouth
AstraZeneca Sediment and water collection for application within research projects. English Channel
Devon County Council Devon coastal sediment collection and analysis as part of the EROCIPS Project (Emergency Response to coastal Oil Chemical and Inert pollution from Shipping) Devon
District Council Sediment and water collection for pre and post dredge monitoring purposes Ramsgate
Harbour Authority Pre and post dredging sediment collection using the vibrocore for characterisation and monitoring purposes. Dartmouth
Consultant Historical industrial lagoon sediment and water sampling. Lancashire
Consultant Discrete depth water sampling of a disused former quarry within the footprint of proposed waste to energy plant. Devon
MoD Pre dredge and development sediment characterisation River Aire
  Sediment sampling within River Aire prior to removal of a weir.  
Consultancy Sediment sampling from River Irwell for purpose of a contaminated land liability assessment. River Irwell
University Water collection for research applications. English Channel
Industrial Company Assessment of contaminant levels in sediments and surface waters from the Forth estuary. Forth Estuary
Pharmaceutical Company Sediment  collection and processing for simulation tests to assess the primary and ultimate biodegradability of chemicals discharged to wastewater Devon
Dredging Company Pre and post dredge water and sediment monitoring and sampling. Salcombe
Consultant Lake sampling at site in Gloucestershire to assess potential contamination from metal reprocessing plant. Gloucestershire
Manufacturing Company Measurement of formaldehyde concentrations within the mixing zone of plant effluent discharges Ayrshire
Consultancy Lagoon sediment sampling Oldham