Sediment and Water Sampling

Sediment and Water Sampling

Sed-and-Wat-mergedWater and Sediment Sampling
Ecospan Environmental Ltd routinely collect discrete water and sediment samples from coastal waters, lakes and rivers throughout the UK. Such sampling is undertaken for a number of applications including: environmental impact assessment, monitoring chemical and pharmaceutical contamination, monitoring of dredging operations, as well as for research applications.

Water Sampling Techniques
Ecospan have a range of water sampling equipment including autosamplers, bailers and NIO bottles which are able to capture discrete samples from specified depths for subsequent analysis within the laboratory.

We also own various environmental monitoring multiparameter meters capable of monitoring numerous parameters at a range of depths and / or from a fixed position on the seabed for extended periods. A time series of data can be collected for parameters including:

  • Dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Turbidity
  • pH
  • Conductivity/Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Redox
  • Depth

Sediment Sampling Techniques
Ecospan regularly use range of sediment sampling and profiling equipment each adapted for sampling at different depths and within different substrates. Equipment owned by Ecospan includes:

  • Vibracorer
  • Van Veen Grabs (0.1m2, 0.05m2 and 0.0025m2)
  • Day Grab (0.1m2).
  • Hand-held box corer (0.01m2) for soft intertidal sediments and diver coring.
  • Pole Grab
  • Geoprobe for land based and inter-tidal sampling on firm sediments.